At Agate Plumbing and Gas, we offer comprehensive solutions to tackle even the most stubborn blockages. Our experienced team of plumbers specialise in diagnosing and resolving blocked drains and pipes. Using advanced tools and techniques, we can identify the cause of the blockage and determine the most effective course of action.

Whether it’s a minor clog or a severe obstruction, we have the expertise to handle it all. Our plumbers are equipped with high-pressure water jetting equipment, drain snakes, and other specialised tools to clear blockages quickly and efficiently. We also go beyond just fixing the immediate issue. Our team conducts thorough inspections to identify any underlying problems, such as tree root intrusions or damaged pipes, that may contribute to recurrent blockages. We provide long term solutions to prevent future blockages and keep your drains and pipes flowing smoothly.

Agate Plumbing and Gas also understands the importance of minimising disruption to your daily life. Our team works carefully to complete the job promptly and with minimal disturbance to your property. We take pride in our professionalism and cleanliness, ensuring that we leave your premises in pristine condition. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and our friendly and knowledgeable team will listen to your concerns, answer any questions you may have, and keep you informed throughout the process.

As a fully licensed and insured plumbing company, you can trust Agate Plumbing and Gas to deliver exceptional service. We are committed to providing long-lasting solutions to your blocked drain and pipe problems.

Don’t let blocked drains and pipes disrupt your life. Contact Agate Plumbing and Gas today for reliable and efficient solutions. Our dedicated team is ready to restore the flow and functionality of your plumbing system, ensuring your peace of mind.